Your Visit

To best understand how to help you, your therapist will ask you for some initial information to collaborate and create an individualized plan of care. Some of the questions might include:

  • What problems or concerns would you like to address today?
  • How is this affecting you emotionally and physically?
  • How is this affecting your relationships at home, at work and/or in your community.
  • Is there any information about your past that we may need to know?
  • How long have these problems or concerns been affecting you?
  • Have you been in counseling before?
  • How would you know when these problems or concerns have improved?

We want you to know that your ideas and input are very important to the success of the therapeutic process. We believe that a collaborative therapeutic relationship is the foundation of true and lasting changes.

Please feel free to ask questions about the types of strategies or techniques used with you.

The estimated length of therapy is individualized, so please express your hopes and your concerns about your plan. This is your care and you do have a voice in what that looks like in a collaborative style with your provider.

Have Questions?

Review our FAQs or contact us to learn more.