How can Grief Therapy Help?

How can Grief Therapy Help?

When you suffer a loss, you may find yourself disoriented and disconnected from the world you previously knew.

You might be surprised by the unexpected unknowns that are now popping up in your life. You might find yourself frustrated with others telling you how to feel or act.

Our grief counseling is informed by the latest research into the theory and practice of grief counseling to help you reorient and reconnect with what is important to you.

Grief counseling allows you to navigate the unknowns in a safe, non-judgmental space, free of the concern that you might be burdening a support system. We will not expect you to feel a certain way, or tell you that you should be further along than you are.

Grief is a process that is different for everyone and working with a therapist can help you create a path forward in the face of loss.

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