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This is dependent upon your insurance coverage and what service is provided. We will be happy to check your benefits to help give you the most accurate estimate for your services. Please call to begin.

YES and in fact, psychotherapy has been shown to be nearly as effective as medication therapy. We state nearly because for some conditions, such as: schizophrenia or bi-polar, medications are perhaps the only means of managing the condition.

However, when we are addressing anxiety, panic, depression, addiction, grief, etc. then therapy is highly effective. Studies have shown that psychotherapy has the ability to alter the brain in the same way that drugs do (Friedman, 2002).

It’s thought that this happens because as a person goes through therapy, the things they learn produce new proteins that help to remodel neurons in the brain. Therefore, learning can literally re-wire your brain!

The things you learn can also be used over and over; they can be adapted, expanded, and combined with drug therapy to enhance the effects of both.

The length of therapy really depends on the issues being addressed and with what services. Your therapist will work with you to create an evidence-based treatment plan that will include clinical recommendations.

Yes, relationship counseling is an evidence-based practice that works! Humans are relational, we want them to feel good and peaceful, but this is a practice of love and respect, we can help you get there.

Within relationships, studies show that couples struggle for 2-6 years before they seek counseling due to stigma as well. Counseling can be a place where your relationship can heal, grow, and flourish. It’s time to feel better!

Absolutely not, the exact opposite is true! Due to stigma most people suffer for many years before they seek help. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 9.5% of adults suffer from depression and over 18% suffer from some type of anxiety. Approximately 20% of the adults in America are dealing with a moderate to severe mental illness. Studies also show that only 25% of these people get the help they need. You are brave and you are choosing to improve your life, how powerful is that?

Absolutely not! If growth and change is your goal you can achieve it at any stage in your life. We are here to help support, educate, facilitate and guide you through this healing process. We believe in you.

Not always, but for some medication is appropriate and medically necessary, but we do not make this recommendation lightly. We will treat you the way we would want to be treated, therefore, we will gather all the information we need to make informed clinical recommendations and referrals as needed. We do not rush into medication, but we are thankful it is an option for those who truly need it.

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