About Us

Our belief is that every human is important and valuable. We are honored to be with you through the therapy process, knowing that lasting change occurs within a trusting, open and collaborative therapeutic alliance.

Our promise is to be fully present and accepting of you, regardless of where you have been or where you are going. We are here to skillfully apply our intensive training in CBT to help improve your overall well-being.  Call today to learn more. (479) 339-1238 or email us at info@fbcbt.org

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best therapists we can be through specializations and board certifications in order to help others live a good life.

Our Values

We value normalizing mental health care for everyone; for people like us, for all ages, for all generations, for all genders… truly for all. Everyone has mental health. We value it just as much as we do any other form of health care. Mental health is health and it matters.

We value our therapists. We value the environment they work in, therefore we strive to create a practice where they can be their best selves in and outside of work.

We value being the best at what we do. We seek the highest level of training in our areas of practice and want to be the providers we would want for ourselves and our families; therefore only the best will do.

Above all else we value humans. We are helpers and know we too will one day need a helper. We value you and we value us.

Our History

Freeman-Burchfield Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (FBCBT) was founded by Ryan Elizabeth Freeman-Burchfield after she noticed a need for a higher standard of care in mental health and relationship therapy for the every-day person like her fellow professionals, college students, mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, administrators, policeman, fireman, high school students, nurses, corporate employees, hair stylists, like you and me… people like us. People that have a brain that have mental health and relationship care needs in Northwest Arkansas.

Ryan has never been complacent and wanted more for herself and for her community. She traveled to the Beck Institute in Philadelphia, PA in 2017 to learn from the best in the field. There she met one of the founders of the Beck Institute, Judith Beck, and watched the other founder and the father of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Aaron Beck, speak about CBT and call the EAGLES! It was a life changing event.

In 2019 Ryan opened FBCBT and in 2020, she became one of the first clinicians in the nation to become a Beck Certified Clinician.

FBCBT clinicians are highly encouraged and supported to obtain continued training from the Beck Institute and other credible institutions for CBT and other evidenced-based therapy models and techniques such as DBT, ACT, and EMDR, etc. It is Ryan’s belief that CBT is the foundational building block needed to create an expert in Mental Health and Relationship Therapy. Ryan and the FBCBT team are determined to provide services that are of the highest-caliber in psychotherapy and customer service as well as in their training opportunities for other professionals at all levels.

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