Child and Adolescent Counseling

Child and Adolescent Counseling

These are the most formative and malleable times of our lives. If we can help at these stages in a person’s life, the power to heal and create tools to manage life’s ever changing experiences is truly amazing!

We meet them where they are.

We do not push – we create a safe environment for them to just be. This helps us create the trusting, open and caring therapeutic relationship that is needed to cultivate healing and growth. Our counselors are highly sensitive to this period in a person’s life and they know how to navigate the complexities within the mind of a child and an adolescent. They will work with the family, parents and/or guardians of the child or adolescent in order to support, improve and heal the presenting concerns.

We explore creative options, such as art therapy techniques. Counseling for children and teens can address different types of issues including reaction to stressors such as divorce or loss, traumas of varying degrees, problems with family relationships, anxiety and depression, disruptive behavior, aggression, addictions, school problems, self-harming, eating disorders, sibling rivalry and ADHD.

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